Yup…I got Covid. It was not fun. I decided to do a little Q&A on Instagram to answer all of the questions I was getting….so here it is!

I’m going to refer to “the sickness” as Flofid so I don’t get censored…let’s do this!

How do you think you were exposed?

I was not directly exposed to Flofid because I was around our small pod only. So I had to have been exposed during a Target or Walgreen pick up. The only time I was unmasked was when I did drive ups. My only memory was when I went to pick up pictures for Christmas ornaments at Walgreens and when they guy came to my car, he pulled down his mask to say “Wendel?” and I didn’t have a mask on. But who the heck knows! We will for sure be wearing masks for drive ups/drive throughs from now on.

How did you know you had Flofid?

I had a positive test. I had a little tickle in my throat and was using cough drops on Christmas day and then on the 26th I noticed my taste and smell were super muted. By the 27th they were totally gone and I just knew. Got a test right away and a rapid test came back positive.

What were your symptoms?

I was lucky to have a super mild case. NO FEVER. So that measure is not effective. Tickle in my throat that turned into a full cough within a few days. My cough wasn’t terrible, but definitely there. I didn’t have headache or muscle aches. Fatigue for sure that would always hit me when Alex would get off of work and come downstairs. My body just knew I had to be present for my kids and then would drift off around 4:00. Then Alex would take over.

Why didn’t you self quarantine. No judgement, just curious.

Lord I wish I could have self quarantined, but there were two main reasons I didn’t. I had already exposed my family. You’re most contagious before you show symptoms. So I had probably already exposed them. And I’m still breastfeeding our 9 month old, and I just didn’t feel it was fair to do that to him. So Alex worked from home and we made it work!

Did you wear a mask around your kids?

I did not because our doctors told us that if they were going to be exposed they already were. I felt pretty mixed about this honestly.

Were you worried for your kids?

OF COURSE! So worried! Like cried every night worried. Not scared…just so worried. No parent wants to be the reason they made their child ill. We did two things during those 14 days to check in with them. Because they didn’t really understand the no taste or smell thing, we took their temp {again not a fool proof measurement, but it was something to track} and we checked their pulse ox levels with a pulse ox reader {super cheap on Amazon} which tracked their oxygen levels. If they dipped we would have called our pediatrician. I was also a good measurement for my nephew who is a nonverbal adult. Gave my sister a lot of peace knowing.

Did Alex test negative? Did he have the antibodies?

Alex tested negative 5 days after my positive test. That’s how long you’re supposed to wait after exposure to get the most accurate rest. AND 5 days after MY quarantine and negative test. He also tested negative for antibodies. It’s insane he didn’t get it because we absolutely kissed on Christmas Day. He’s a super human.

Did your kids get it?

No! We tested them five days after my quarantine and negative test and they all three tested negative. And let me tell you…that test…they did NOT appreciate it. So thankful!

Did your family get it?

A few did, and for privacy I won’t say who. I will however say that Alex’s entire family tested negative and we wore masks with them. We didn’t with my family and that’s where the spread happened. So masks help people!

Was your family upset?

I’m sure they weren’t happy but they were so supportive and understanding. They knew that we were careful. We said no to many parties to keep everyone safe so we could do Christmas and stay safe. That was the worst text to send and I sobbed hysterically after I sent it. And then turned my phone off and went to sleep. I know that’s dramatic but the truth.

What would you have done differently knowing your experiences?

I would have worn masks with my family. Such a simple thing to do. Annoying…but wish we had.

What helped with your symptoms?

WATER…so much water. We had the ingredients for the Starbucks medicine ball delivered {Pinterest it} and that was super helpful. Tea was fine, and I couldn’t taste obviously, but the lemonade on my throat felt so good. Also started Zinc right away and I think that helped.

You mentioned feeling shame…why?

Who knows if I was the first to be exposed, but I was the first to show signs. So I took responsibility. I felt SO responsible for my family members who got it. I felt horrible, and the waiting game for them to have their five days post symptoms and then waiting for their tests was so tough. And then hearing them be sick. It was just the worst.

What did you learn during this time?

Gosh guys the immediately love and support we got was unreal. Made me so thankful for the community we’ve created around us. We had meals sent to us immediately. Doordash gift cards, soup drop offs, supply drop offs. The day I tested positive, my friends literally just said “we’ll have dinner delivered by 5:00” I didn’t have to make a decision or order anything. At 5:00 dinner was delivered and my family was fed and no one had to worry about it. So if you know someone who gets Flofid, email them a gift card or send them a meal ASAP. Chick fil a Chicken noodle soup, a bag of nugget ice {yes you can buy that} and their lemonade was so good and helpful!

Can you/will you get the vaccine?

I won’t be eligible for a while but I hear you’re supposed to wait until your 90 days last symptoms. But once that happens…you bet your bottom dollar.

Thanks friends for all of the support and encouragement! You’re the best!


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