Month: December 2020


I like research.

Especially when it comes to efficiency or happiness or any form of forward movement.

When a very smart person does the work and research to figure out that exercise is good for our mental health {duh} then you best believe mama makes working out a priority.

When researchers tell us that making lists helps us to be most productive, I will make ALL of the lists.

When research shows us how and why technology is going to have a lasting negative impact on our brain function and possible mental health, I put down my phone and dive into more books.

So when I was listening to a podcast about a study done on happiness in unforeseen situations {like a pandemic} my ears perked up.

This podcast was talking about how leaning into creativity is going to be so important for our mental health as we come to the end {please dear Jesus} of this pandemic.

Then another podcast I was listening to was interviewing a neuroscientist and discussing the constant changing or our brain and how new challenges aids in it’s function and development.

So here we have it…research telling me to be creative and try new things.

Let’s do it!

So I made myself a little creativity basket. Something quick and easy for me to grab when I have five or ten minutes to create.

Some things I had, and I bought a few things as well. But guys…the joy and light I feel after some intentional time to create…holy moly.

We all know the feeling after an hour of scrolling social media and being like “well that was a waste of time.”

Never have I ever said that about reading a book, or coloring, or drawing, or writing.

Furthermore, I love what this is showing my boys. Hey guys…yes…watching tv is fun. But real joy comes when we create and open our eyes and minds to new things and new possibilities.

So guys…grab you a coloring book. Legit guys…a kids coloring book. Those adult ones are soo intense for this mama.  

Here are a few things I’ve picked up from good old Amazon that have brought a lot of joy and creativity into my life!

Number four is probably my favorite Christmas activity right now…stickers all day every day!

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six

{FYI these are affiliate links…love you guys}

I also got a subscription to this and it’s the best $5 a month I’ve ever spent!

Limiting Belief: No One Cares


It’s been so long. Lord have mercy guys…I have had so much going through my head. Processing a lot of the impact of this pandemic as well as motherhood and being postpartum during a pandemic and trying to find a way to articulate everything. And to be honest, I’ve been processing and trying to squash a BIG limiting belief in myself that no one cares about my perspective.

I’m young and haven’t lived a ton of life, so really my perspective in unnecessary. Like I said…a limiting belief I’m trying to squash.

I’ve been talking about this with my therapist, so she challenged me to write blog posts or Instagram posts in the mornings during my quiet time. Even if I don’t publish them…get my thoughts out of my head.

So I have been and I have a lot to share.

But again…a voice in my head keeps telling me that no one would care.

So I’ve decided to not care about that anymore.

This blog is a space for me to share what I’m learning…as a way to remember the journey I’m on in motherhood. In life.

If no one cares…okay.

So more sharing, more processing, more vulnerability coming your way. In between homeschool and making meals and trying to keep children alive.